The Doctor has never been to New Zealand...that anyone knows of. So I decided to tell a different story, in words and in pictures. I carry a TARDIS most everywhere I go (a sign of a true fan? And yes, my bag is MUCH bigger on the inside) and take pictures of it in various locations around New Zealand and the South Pacific as my travels allow. No photoshopping - these pictures are all straight out of the camera. Well, except for this one here - had to paste me into it, as I couldn't get a decent shot of myself otherwise!

Why yes, that is a Donna Noble costume. Thanks for noticing...

So the photo album below contains an ever-growing collection of local photography with the TARDIS. I know it's unusual to show it in so many different locations that are essentially not all that far from each other, but there are so many amazing sights in this country (and others nearby) that I can't resist improving as many of them as I can with the beloved blue box.

Beyond this, I am also writing fan-fiction about the Doctor Downunder, you know, that time he came here with Donna and found that River wasn't dead after all, at least not yet, and of course there have been aliens in New Zealand for thousands of years...

Photo Album here

[I am in no way claiming ownership of the Doctor or the TARDIS. These belong to the BBC. This page, the photos, and the Doctor Who stories I have written are for hobby parody only.]

Fanfic Stories

The 10th Doctor and Donna find themselves in New Zealand, and are surprised to find River Song there as cahoots with the local aliens, no less.
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