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Earthcore Series
The Earthcore series is urban fantasy based in New Zealand. Suitable for readers aged 12 and up.
The taniwha stalk the land of Aotearoa again. But not everyone knows, and not everyone sees. And those who know are not all on the same side. Superpowers arise from springs guarded by the kaitiaki... and lots of folks are about to have their lives turned upside down.
The Vortex of Eire: Mariah's World
The Vortex of Éire series is Irish cyberpunk dystopia. PG-13
Belfast, 2079. Food shortages. Deadly plagues. Cyborgs. Virtual reality. A whole lot of different people, and a dog, all trying to survive the best way they know how.
This page shows the anthologies I've edited and produced.
  • Avenir Eclectia, multi-author microfiction mosaic storytelling
  • Aquasynthesis I & II, showcasing Splashdown Books authors
  • Projects for SpecFicNZ and Young NZ Writers

Miscellaneous: Older works and short stories, mostly from earlier phases of development!
List of anthologies where I contributed a story but was not involved in production.
Plus links to where you can read some of the stories for free.

"The prose is detailed yet smooth, firm in approach yet comforting, well-articulated yet easy to read." - Author A. P. Fuchs
"Crazy villains, heartwarming heroes, and the taste of dirt in my mouth." - Author T. W. Ambrose